Wanderlust Travel Book

Publication Design | Hand Lettering | Personal Project


In 2017, I spent 5 weeks studying design in Bregenz, Austria. During that time, I also had a few free weekends to explore, which I captured with the camera that was permanently slung around my neck. 

Wanderlust is my way of expanding on a project from my program, as well as showcasing the places I visited in my down time.


The original project I was assigned was meant to connect to some sort of narrative. So, I chose my own. 


I spent my time on trains hand lettering the names of the cities I traveled to. Not only was it good practice in creating letterforms, but it was a way to track where I had been—and through Instagram, update my family and friends back home. 


As I digitized and refined my original hand lettering, I began creating postcards to commemorate each city. When revising my lettering, I focused on creating a feel that related to the cities themselves. Some remained very similar to the original sketches, while others got a complete makeover. I even added a few extra cities as I went. 



In addition to the postcards, I created a travel book which showcases cities from each country I visited. Photos and information about each landmark are shown, and the hand lettering is used on the title page for each city. 

Wanderlust spread